Research And Advocacy

Paar’s research work ranges from desk research on prison manuals, court judgments, government notifications to field research on the condition of prisons. We also develop material for training of judicial officers, personnel from prison and correctional services.

We study Open Prison systems across the globe, understand the rules around them, their budgets to know them better.

  • Research on prison manuals include reading the prison manuals of different states, understanding how they are applied in everyday prison management and suggesting amendments

  • Paar is presently reviewing Open Prison related rules and sections from prison manuals and developing model rules for Open Prisons. These Rules cover various aspects like eligibility and ineligibility for transfer to Open Prisons, management of Open Prisons, infrastructure, work at Open Prisons, etc

  • Paar maintains a database of High Court and Supreme Court judgments on transfer of prisoners to Open Prisons and grant of parole to understand how nature of offense impacts court judgments

  • Paar intends to study Open Prisons across the country, one state at a time

  • Paar researches to develop training and course material on Open Prisons and prisoners’ rights to be used for training and orientation of prison and correctional officials and judicial officers

  • Paar’s research team compiles information on everything happening in prisons across the country through review of news articles, government notifications/ orders, court judgments

We engage with the prison departments across the country, the judiciary and the government to bring about positive changes to the present-day prisons. These recommendations focus on prisoners’ rights and their access to justice and a dignified life inside prisons.

We also engage with stakeholders to expand Open Prisons across the country and transfer  more prisoners to Open Prisons.